VoIP Network Certification

VanRan insures successful VoIP deployments and system improvements with the performance, flexibility, and reliability you need.

VanRan certified engineers use the latest technology to run Network Certifications for both wired and wireless solutions. By providing Network Certifications as part of any Voice/Video over IP (VVoIP) solution, we ensure voice and video quality and successful support of IP enabled solutions.

Our clients receive a report at the end of the assessment that measures packet loss, jitter and delay, and sum these items up in the form of a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). If the results of the Network Certification indicate that the existing network does not meet the necessary criteria for a VVoIP implementation, VanRan walks clients through the problem areas shown in the report and provides clients with suggestions to fix the issues. If needed, VanRan can assist in resolving the network related issues.

Evidence has shown that Network Certification greatly reduces post-installation rework and troubleshooting. Contact us today at (770) 452-9929 to learn how we can help improve your network.