VanRan has the expertise and resources to implement and integrate complex communications installations worldwide, on time and on budget.

VanRan’s team of 20+ certified engineers install systems worldwide with experience, knowledge, and skill for a flawless implementation of your communication solution, backed by the support of authorized providers across the world. VanRan can also provide support for Moves, Add’s and Changes (MAC’s). This can be done on a time and materials basis or through a purchase of bulk hours.

Installation begins with extensive data gathering and shifts to the VanRan lab for testing by our quality assurance team. Once approved, equipment is shipped to the customer’s location for implementation. All of our installations are done according to industry best practices, which are guided by rigorous test plans and quality assurance practices.

From kick off to cutover, VanRan certified project managers coordinate tasks, communicate progress, and mitigate the risks of cost overruns, scheduling delays, and extended periods of downtime using Project Management Institute methodologies.

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